peSHIr tweets = my very own Twitter client

I’ve been using Twitter for some time ("peSHIr" if you’d like to follow me), but have not been 100% satisfied with a number of WM6 Twitter clients that I’ve been using.
They all seem to lack copy-paste support in the update window (ceTwit has copy now, to be honest) and often seem too large and slow for what I want, for instance because they try to support everything in the Twitter API. I am mostly using TinyTwitter at the moment, but it seems that even with the large number of existing clients, to get it "just right", I simply have to write another one so I can tweak it whenever I want/need.
Short rundown of current features:
  • Meant to be (and stay) small and quick instead of trying to implement the entire Twitter API. Current CAB size is just under 67 Kb (not including .NET Compact Framework v3.5). CAB size has increased a bit over the 67 Kb mentioned here earlier, but it still isn’t huge.
  • Shows friend timeline, including friend locations (as stored in their Twitter profile). Currently, this is just interpreted text in a disabled TextBox control. But should start to look nicer in beta stage. Enables one key reading of the timeline using the space bar.
  • Uses Content-Encoding: gzip to improve speed and minimize bytes transfered when requesting/downloading that timeline.
  • Updates Twitter status. (Duh…) But does so easily for more than one Twitter account. And allows you to do @screenname replies.
  • Any TextBox in the application has full cut/copy/paste/clear functionality in its context menu like internal WM6 Professional applications have.
  • Textboxes that can contain URLs (like in status update dialog, but also timeline for now) include all URLs in their context menu to open them in PIE.
  • URLs can be opened through Skweezer, by using a Process.Start() call. So they probably open in the default browser on your device actually.
  • URLs in status updates are automatically shortened, using the API. (URL detection is still a bit buggy: needs different regular expression.)
  • If internal GPS has a location fix, you have a checkbox option to update your location in your Twitter profile (using an OpenStreetMap name finder call) as well as in TwitterVision using the TwitterVision API in one go when updating your Twitter status. (GPS related support is in limbo at the moment.)
  • Easy keyboard shortcuts: see the About screen. Also includes online help.
  • Improved unexpected exception handling. If you get one now, you should be able to send back detailed information to me by email and then restart the application.

Planned features include:

  • Find and correct cause of rare unexpected system crashes.
  • Correct the URL recognition bug that affects URL shortening and link context menu.
  • Nice friend timeline GUI. (Probably with avatar images?)
  • Automatic periodic update of friend timeline, probably only when on ActiveSync or my home WLAN access point.
  • Ehh… not much else, I think…
Anyway, the application is called "peSHIr tweets" and is meant to be completey for my own use. However, I have already received a couple of open beta request from my followers, so I have already decided to make the CAB public for use on your risk. It can be downloadable from SkyDrive now! (If you need it on your device, a CAB file for the .NET Compact Framework 3.5 can be downloaded there too.) Check the ReadMe.txt file in the downloadable ZIP for release notes. Check out the website for information and to download it.
Happy Twittering!


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3 reacties op peSHIr tweets = my very own Twitter client

  1. Jarno zegt:

    Check out for the support website. Please mention any suggestions, problems and/or praise about peSHIr tweets there.

  2. Jarno zegt:

    WARNING: This application moved to and is no longer available from Skydrive right now!

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