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I’ve had it with Skydrive…

I’m moving my Twitter client off of Skydrive, and into a Google Site, starting now.

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I’ve gotten a video review!

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Cool: My article got translated and expanded upon!

It happened almost a year ago already, but Peter de Jonghe seems to have translated my article on BlobStreams to English and expanded the subject matter a bit to generalize the method to more than just SQL Server image blobs. … Lees verder

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peSHIr tweets = my very own Twitter client

I’ve been using Twitter for some time ("peSHIr" if you’d like to follow me), but have not been 100% satisfied with a number of WM6 Twitter clients that I’ve been using.   They all seem to lack copy-paste support in … Lees verder

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Le Chatelier’s Principle for complex systems and the Fundamental Failure-Mode Theorem

Ehh… watte…?   Zoals (bijna) altijd zijn de blog entries van Raymond Chen erg goed; zijn laatste gaat over een aantal boeken die hij nog op zijn leeslijst heeft staan. ‘Da’s een concept waarmee ik erg bekend ben overigens…   … Lees verder

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