wejDIch weDneSDay

If you follow @roneyii and @qurgh on Twitter you know what wejDIch weDneSDay is: Klingon enthousiasts on Twitter use the third (=wejDIch) wednesday of every month to practise their skills in tlhIngan Hol (=the Klingon language) by only tweeting in tlhIngan Hol. These tweets will be tagged with the #tlh hashtag.
As this is the first time since I have searched for my copies of The Klingon Dictionary and other related books with Klingon vocabulary and actually found them that wejDIch weDneSDay has come along, lots of my Twitter followers seemed puzzled by me tweets today.
So, now you know.
And, just for you non-Klingons, here are the translations from last wejDIch WeDneSDay:
  • Twitter vIlaD. nuq jImoDnIS… = I read Twitter. Now I need to hurry…
  • Qu’vatlh! Twitter vIlaDta’. rut qay’ mu’mey. nuq jImoDnISqu’! = @#$@#$! I have been reading Twitter. Words are difficult sometimes. Now I really need to hurry!
  • tugh jIpaSlaw’ = It looks like I’ll soon be (too) late.
  • jIpaSbe’! nuq jIDIjtaH = I’m not (too) late! Now I’m painting.
  • jajvam jIDIjta’. SochleS rItlh vIlo’qa’. = Today I’m finished with painting. Next week I’ll use paint again.
  • megh vIbajbej ‘e’ vIHar = I believe I have definately earned lunch. (Literally: I have definately earned lunch; I believe that.)
  • yavDujwIj vISay’moHta’ = I cleaned my car. (Literally: I have caused my ground-vessel to become clean.)
  • jajvam, nurupmeH qum, chelwI’ma’ wISuch = Today, so the goverment can tax us, we will visit our accountant.

And the rest of the day I didn’t actually get to do any translations, because in practice it’s a hassle to keep a couple of paper-based books on hand, flipping pages to find the words I need. I’m nowhere near fluent in Klingon vocab, even though I seem to have the grammar down sort of well, even if rusty.


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