Do you like ‘casts? I don’t…

Is the increasing number of ‘casts based on people generally loving to consume information in that format? Or is it just that it’s less hassle for the publisher to just hit "record", start yapping and dump the bits somewhere afterwards?
Do you like the "personal broadcasting" way (or as I call it "lazy blogging" way) of supplying content on the interwebs like this? Or do you share my view on them and think it wastes your time, hampers you and makes the information content generally less available/useable?
What do you think?

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2 reacties op Do you like ‘casts? I don’t…

  1. Joost zegt:

    I don\’t like casts of any kind. You cannot browse quickly through the contents, you have to listen of view them out. Sometimes video\’s are handy, especially in the introduction phase how new technology, (think PDC) to take you by the hand through the first steps. But in general it simply takes too much time. I can read pretty fast, but I can only listen or view in realtime. Gimme a break!Short version: I share your view 😉

  2. Joost van Schaik zegt:

    How things can changed. From a podcast hater I turned into a podcast lover. I think Maurice de Beijer with his dotNed podcast is the culprit. Then I moved to other podcast, and follow about 10. I listen to podcast only when I do things that require so much attention that I can’t do anything else, but still leave my brain bored, like commuting, doing chores, and stuff like that. I agree the information density is sometimes low, but always higher than the zero when doing chores

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